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Online valuation tools, like Zillow’s Zestimate, are an okay “starting point” to get a gut check idea of what a property is worth, but they are highly inaccurate. When you need to know what a property is actually worth, or the most it could potentially sell for, these tools fall flat because they are computer algorithms that don’t know any specifics about the properties. They simply take into account their size. It doesn’t matter if the property was completely renovated and the neighbor’s was a fixer-upper, the numbers are all averaged out. 

Choose a Better Home Valuation. 

When you’re trying to decide if selling or refinancing makes sense, you need accurate information, not guesses.

You need to know:

That’s where our home valuations shine. Every one we create is custom to each property. We take the time to understand what is unique about your home and we factor in local market conditions and trends.

The result is an interactive report you can view on any device. It will help you understand what your highest selling price is likely to be, how much equity is in your home and how much money you are likely to walk away with after all is said and done. When guessing is not good enough, trust an expert like Terence.

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